8 Spooky & Fun Halloween Activities For Kids

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It’s always a good time to get together with family and friends during the holidays. Halloween is no exception, and can be especially exciting for the children. It should be a colorful celebration with lots of fun, costumes, and magic, so whether you’re throwing a bash or just playing at a local playground, you’ll have a memorable experience. 

It’s also a great occasion to take your kids to an indoor family amusement park. If you’re living  in Mesa, Arizona it shouldn’t be hard to find. For the time being, keep on reading to learn how to keep your kids entertained during the Halloween season. 

What can kids do on Halloween night? 

There are some well known Halloween traditions: trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, costume play. Let’s explore how you can make them even more engaging for your loved ones.

How do you keep kids safe on Halloween?

1. Trick-or-Treat

This centuries-long tradition is all about growing closer ties among families in the neighborhood. It’s really great for the kids, as it encourages creativity, physical activity, and community interaction. Besides showing off elaborate costumes and collecting candy, your kids will learn good manners, how to be a part of a team, and how to be brave. 

2. Costume party

Show off your best, most outlandish or plain fun masks and costumes. What’s more, you can pick a theme for the whole family. However, if your kids have a particular wish, let them choose. Even better, let them customize their masks, take their favorite toy with them, and add a special touch to it. Make sure that nobody is feeling left out, so have spare witch hats, capes, and masks with you. 

3. Scavenger hunt

Kids adore scavenger and treasure hunts, as the activity is physically and mentally engaging. You can think of some interesting clues and routes, and most importantly, make sure to include neat prizes for the contestants.   

4. Spooky snacks

This can be a truly collaborative experience for you and the kids, whether you’re preparing sweets or main courses. Make sure to combine a fun visual presentation with some actual gourmet ideas. For example, your menu can include: Which amusement parks have the best attractions in Mesa, Arizona?

  • creepy pizza, 
  • finger sandwiches, 
  • pumpkin pie, 
  • black licorice, 
  • marshmallow eyeballs,
  • cookies in various Halloween-themed shapes (ghost, jack-o-lanterns, witch hats, brooms, cats, owls, spiders), and more.

5. Halloween quiz

Why not use the opportunity to make this a bit educational? Make it short, but sweet. You can include various questions about All Hallow’s Eve, the Fall, witches, magic potions, ghost stories and anything strange to occupy your kids’ attention for about 30 – 45 minutes.  

6. Pumpkin picking

This is the unique part of the year where the whole family has the opportunity to go pick a pumpkin. Residents of Mesa can  engage in an annual Pumpkin Splash in a local pool and swim for the most eye-catching piece. Take it home where you can carve it, turn it into your very own  jack-o-lantern, or paint it.

7. Haunt the playground

Many theme parks celebrate Halloween by putting up appropriate decor and providing some extras. When you take your kids to a local fun park, you can let them enjoy numerous amenities in a safe environment. Imagine the amount of fun your merry crowd of ghosts, vampires, fairies, wizards, witches, and other magical creatures can have jumping, crawling, and running around.  

8. Halloween movie night

When you’re celebrating Halloween with kids, keep the tone down and go for some family-friendly, quirky, and funny titles. All-time classics for this time are ET – the Extraterrestrial, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Nightmare before Christmas, Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Tod, and Beetlejuice. 

How do you keep kids safe on Halloween?

What can kids do on Halloween night?

This is a great chance for your kids to grow closer ties with neighbors and schoolmates. However, you should teach them some basic safety rules: 

  1. Pay attention to traffic safety, remind them they should cross the road at crosswalks
  2. Make sure that they go to parts for the neighborhood they know
  3. If you’re new in the neighborhood, accompany them whilst trick-or-treating
  4. If your kids are under age 12, join them, or make sure they go with an older sibling
  5. Avoid  overly crowded places where they can get lost
  6. Pick costumes that are comfortable and safe for their age
  7. Use glow sticks, reflective tape, or flashlights, so that they’re visible to drivers
  8. Set a clear timeline and make sure they are back home for dinner on time.

The bottom line is that you should communicate clearly. Don’t forget that the point of Halloween is being bold, brave, and having fun, but also being responsible. 

Which amusement parks have the best attractions in Mesa, Arizona? 

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