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Uptown Jungle is the ultimate birthday party venue for your kids.

We provide everything for your child’s birthday party to ensure that their party is a raging success.

Low Pricing

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A Ton of Fun Attractions

Climbing Walls
Spider Tower
Mega Play Structure
Super Slides
Toddler Area
Mini Zip
Ball Blaster Arena
Ninja Course
For security reasons, signing the WAIVER is required by anyone entering the park.


Wearing the kids out has never been easier. Get unlimited access to Uptown Jungle all year round when you and your family become Uptown Members today!

Things to Know

Play like a pro. Learn some tips and other useful information prior to your visit.

Our Indoor Playground in Mesa, AZ: Your First and Only Choice

Have you heard? A dreamlike trampoline park has swept Mesa children and parents off their feet by bringing more than just trampolines. Yes, we’re talking about Uptown Jungle Fun Park and you’ll want to visit it as soon as possible! We’ve brought kids’ play to a whole new level by upgrading a simple jump trampoline park to a true adventure land. Whether you want to relax without worrying about your kids’ safety, meet other parents, or spend quality time with your family, our indoor playground is the place to be!

How we’ve gone beyond an indoor trampoline area in Mesa, AZ

It’s quite simple – we’ve created a unique indoor playground for kids where your little ones can have fun and grow through play with other children. What makes our adventure park the leading one in Mesa is the number of fun activities it brings, outstanding cleanliness levels, and second-to-none staff.

Not only will your children be able to use our trampoline park offers to the fullest, but they also have other attractions at their fingertips. Play structures, life-sized video games, walls for climbing, obstacle courses, and super slides are all here to make your kids’ days special and memorable.

Indoor playgrounds for one-of-a-kind birthday parties in Mesa, AZ

There’s simply no better place to host birthday parties and other themed children’s parties than our kids’ party venues. With all our adventurous activities at their disposal, your little ones will have fun for hours while also getting enough exercise and socializing with other children.

What’s more, we make birthday parties convenient and stress-free for parents. Instead of having to spend days trying to think of a list of indoor games that will keep your kids and their friends engaged, you can let them explore our adventure park. After the party, you don’t have to deal with mess because we’re here to do it for you.

So, when considering which good places to have a birthday party are at your disposal, Uptown Jungle playgrounds are the first that come to mind!

Our amusement parks delight adults in Mesa, Arizona, too

We bring something to parents, too – a break from daily worries. Visit our parents’ lounge area and enjoy the atmosphere of relaxation. While your kids take advantage of our exciting games and courses, you can chat with like-minded parents or read your favorite book in a laid-back environment.

However, if you’re ready to get your adrenaline running, use our special discount for parents and join the fun! Play at half the price and create some special memories with your little munchkins.

Our unforgettable trampoline park and other activities in Mesa, AZ come at a great price

Another great perk that parents will definitely appreciate is our all-inclusive pricing. You just need to buy the entrance pass and all the great wonders of Uptown Jungle indoor playground will be available to your kids. Our daily fees and hours are displayed online, you have a clear insight into our offers.

There’s more! We’ve also prepared numerous discounts for special events and occasions, so make sure to use them. All of our neighbors should be able to surprise their children with exciting play activities and our fair prices are here to ensure that!

Superb indoor playgrounds for kids in Mesa, AZ

Not only do we bring the best kids birthday party venue in Mesa, but we have locations across three states – Arizona, California and Nevada.

We know fun inside out! Consider Uptown Jungle for any kind of fun event, including team parties and fundraising events.

Call us for more first-hand information!