November Fun: 5 Fall Activities for Preschoolers

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November marks the end of fall and the start of winter, right? It might sound like nothing special at first, but it’s really up to you to seek out something to engage them physically and mentally.

So, is there anything else your kids can do in Mesa during November? Of course, you can think of taking them to fun indoor play places. Let’s explore some options to look into and make this November exciting. 

What is the theme for November? 

Although the Halloween festivities have just passed, fall still has a lot to offer, especially for the little ones. These are the themes you can introduce to them in November:

What is the theme for November

Also, don’t forget that this is the time of the year to celebrate Thanksgiving with your whole family. Why not combine these five themes into one and throw a theme party? 

What is there to do in November for kids?

Besides getting used to the new school year, exams, and everyday responsibilities, school kids get to enjoy many autumnal pleasures. These include cycling, jumping into stacks of fallen leaves, creating collages and print-outs, writing diaries, hiking, exploring, camping. One way to relieve stress is to take them to fun parks, resorts, or to the zoo. 

What is a good activity for preschoolers in November?

The best way for kids to spend time at the younger age is to engage their creativity and imagination, while they stay physically active. This is especially true for preschoolers.  They can benefit from a great number of activities. For example, you can include the following:

  • Crafting a classic handprint turkey. You need just some scrap paper and various paints. Paint each finger a different color and palms in brown, black, or blue. 
  • Visiting an apple orchard. This can be a true feast for all senses, as apple orchards are usually fragrant, full of different colors, textures, and can produce powerful memories. Pick some of the favorite fruits and create a unique basket. 
  • Reading autumn-themed children’s books. You can read their favorite storybooks or introduce them to great titles, for example: Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak, Autumn by Gerda Muller, We Gather Together by Windy Pfeffer, Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert, and many more.
  • Making homemade leaf stamps. This is another all-time favorite. Use smaller or larger leaves to create stamps. Press them against larger pieces of paper to create a collage. 
  • Collecting materials for a holiday centerpiece. You can include chestnuts, acorns, pumpkins, apples, quinces, pine cones, mushrooms, and more. You can combine them with pearls, color pieces, create little scenes, fill bottles or jars with these elements.
  • Backyard gardening and decoration. Equip your kids with some tools, decorate hay bales, leaf piles, and have a small party there after you have finished decorating. 

Where in Mesa, AZ and beyond can I find fun indoor play places for my kids?

What is a good activity for preschoolers in November

Some ways you can spend your free time during November: enjoying a day skating at Fountain Plaza or seeing your favorite concert at Mesa Convention Center . On the other hand, your kids can be fully entertained at one of the Uptown Jungle facilities. 

Our enclosed fun parks have all the attractions your kids are looking for. Regardless of the season or weather conditions, your kids will enjoy our obstacle courses, ball arenas, trampolines, swings, and climbing walls. Your kids can burn that extra energy under the supervision of our staff, while you relax.

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